What is Direct Good?

Direct Good is a platform that connects donors with locally facilitated projects around the world. Projects that are posted for funding on the Direct Good website are started by people who have creative solutions to community strengthening, human trafficking, and family care and that have been certified by our best practice approaches. Our job is to train and certify project facilitators, and make sure that projects are held accountable to donors.


What are Direct Good’s best practice approaches?

We partner with the proven methods of Global Family Care Network and the Daughter Project to certify family care and human trafficking projects respectively. Our Network Facilitators utilize Global Family and Daughter Project processes to ensure that, for instance, children cared for in shelters have the care and support they need, victims of trafficking are restored in a manner that is most suitable for their reintegration to society, and locally built solutions to strengthening communities support existing assets and promote long-term sustainability.


How do I support a project?

You can support a project by browsing the Direct Good website, learning about the solutions that our projects are creating, and signing up to donate. We encourage you to look at the rewards offered by some of our projects, as well as opportunities to receive updates from the projects you support!


How do I start a project?

You can post a project by filling out a project submission form (link to page) for either an existing project or a project that you want to start in your community. The form can also be filled out offline with the help of a Network Facilitator. After you submit your information, a description of your project, and your funding goals, you will be contacted by one of our Network Facilitators with next steps. In the case that your project falls under the categories for human trafficking or family care, you may need to undergo training and certification before your project is ready for funding.


How does funding work?

Projects are funded directly through the website when donors decide which projects they want to fund, and whether or not they want to give according to a reward amount. Funds are disbursed to projects on a monthly basis. 10% of all donations are used to support local team members in the countries we work in. These team members, who work alongside Network Facilitators, maintain relationships with projects on the ground. These specific funds will be used for the certification and verification processes that ensure Direct Good projects are legitimate, financially sustainable, and effective in their communities. We want to make sure that your donations are going to projects that make a significant impact and that will be successful in the long run.


What is certification?


How can I get involved?

Direct Good hires two cohorts of Network Facilitators each year that spend 10 months in our project countries making connections with project facilitators, ensuring project accountability and transparency, and overseeing training and certification when applicable. If you are interested in becoming a Network Facilitator, please contact info@ and we’ll send you more information!


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