Family Care

Any local community-based organization (CBO), non-governmental organization (NGO), or faith-based organization (FBO) that directly engages the project and that has a method to receive funds. A Direct Good Network Facilitator will ensure that you have met the necessary criteria according to the type of project.

  • Applicants must be directly and actively involved with the project (no foreign or outside agencies can apply).
  • Projects must be certified and verified by a Direct Good facilitator.
  • Project creators respond and report directly to their donors.
  • Projects that receive over 100% of their request will be given the extra funds.
  • Community strengthening projects must be volunteer-driven: no salaries can be budgeted.
  • Alternative care sponsorships go directly to caregivers for orphaned, abandoned, or abused children in countries where adequate government support is not accessible.

Family care projects require further certification to you achieve quality and desired outcomes of your efforts. Projects are required to have at least a four star rating on Global Family's 5 Star Evaluation System.

The following five criteria are used to rate your family care project.

A home study and background check on each child is undertaken to ensure that no pre-existing family option is available.

The relationships that children have with primary volunteer caregivers foster significant positive emotional and psychological results. Therefore,caregivers should work out of a sense of compassion and call rather than for financial benefit.

Caregivers commit to long-term service so that children do not have to suffer the trauma of continual re-bonding with parental figures. When a caregiving unit is established it is kept together until the children grow to adulthood without adding or removing siblings.

Each family unit should house no more than ten children and should have it's own sleeping, bathing, eating and socializing spaces as well as a separate, designated caregiver.

Each child should receive individual care and attention. Both the spirit as well as the daily routine of the home should reveal a fun, loving, nurturing environment where children receive structure, encouragement, praise, consistency and good role models from their caregivers and older siblings. Children should also receive adequate levels of nutrition, education and health care.

In the following pages you will have the opportunity to tell us basic information about your project, your goals, and how you plan on using the funds raised through

The process is outlined below:
1. Tell us about your group.
2. Tell us about your project on the Project page.
3. Create a budget and rewards for donors in Funding.
4. Submit the form.
5. You will be contacted by a Network Facilitator shortly for certification.
6. Your project will be posted.
7. Use social media to drive donors to your project.
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