Network Facilitators

What are NF’s?

Network Facilitators are Direct Good’s outreach and multiplication personnel. They work all around the world communicating our best practice approaches, certifying and training project leaders, and maintaining relationships with the community-based organizations that post projects on For Network Facilitators that travel overseas for their assignments, they serve for a total of ten months, after which they return home and may be eligible to return.



Network Facilitators are qualified individuals who are passionate about serving to multiply community strengthening, family care, and human trafficking projects through Direct Good’s funding platform and certification processes.

If you are interested in becoming a Network Facilitator, contact info@ with questions or send your NF Application to apply@ View the job description here: Network Facilitator.

Become a Network Entrepreneur

And take our projects to new countries! Send your resume and NE Application to apply@ View the job description here: Network Entrepreneur.