About Us


To empower donors and support local solutions to human trafficking, family care, and community strengthening that promote accountability and best practice approaches.

How We Are Different

Whereas mainstream non-profit funding models report in large unclear categories like ‘administrative’,’fundraising’, and ‘program’, Direct Good receives reports from project leads working on the ground. Furthermore, while traditional approaches also use a significant proportion of funds for overhead and fundraising costs, Direct Good ensures that 100% of received contributions are used for direct program expenses. 90% of the funds received by Direct Good go directly to projects, and 10% facilitates verifying, certifying and offering bestpractice training to local organizations. Instead of just passing on contributions to the poor, Direct Good targets problem solvers and community heroes from these poor communities and promotes accountability by verifying their approaches.


What We Believe:

1. The best solutions are local solutions.

2. Giving directly to communitybased efforts is more efficient and provides a higher level of donor clarity and project accountability.

3. The power to prioritize and creatively address community needs should be given to the most immediate contributors.

4. Best practice agencies should serve local approaches to maximize outcomes.

What We Do:

1. Allow community based groups to post their projects on our site in three categories: Family and community strengthening. Alternative family care for children who have lost biological and extended family support. Women and child intervention, shelter,counseling, and training for the trafficked and abused.

2. Verify that projects are legitimate and assist groups design their efforts and donor presentations.

3. Process contributions directly to projects and bypass administrative, fundraising, and overhead costs.